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Summer of Cons Part 2

Posted by Besthpfan on August 31, 2012 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Taking a second glance I wanted to laugh because because the girls of Hillywood dressed as Harry and Ron were walking behind me.

***honestly, I just wrote a entire page of con going from Ascendio and Space City Con to only click the wrong thing that erased it all. CRY!! So I shall write the rest another day on this entry****

The Summer of Cons

Posted by Besthpfan on August 31, 2012 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

This summer I thought perhaps I would take a break and go to one con since I wasn't going to SD Comic-Con this summer. I was wrong, so wrong that the ONE con which was Ascendio in Orlando,FL was mixed in a summer of conventions. The past few years I've had friends beg,pled, and demand I go to A-Kon in Dallas,TX and it was never in the cards to go. The one summer I didn't think about A-Kon or put effort to try became a sudden moment where I found myself in a friends car on the way to Dallas. Rooming with a few friends and a group of cosplayers from Oklahoma it was a interesting room. I've been a little out of the on Anime for the past few years and going to A-Kon revived my interest back into it.The conversations were on Anime's for the first time that I never heard of. This conveniton is good for those who have gone to many cons and wanted to see a bigger Anime con then the usual stuff that most cons provide.

After a unexpected visit to Dallas and back home I would stop with friends to McDonalds for some food and the reciept always made me cry for the last few months. Everywhere I turned was a calling to go to Comicplooza which I had heard for the last few years and was upset that I didn't go the year before when a Harry Potter actor was coming.After sitting and thinking the week of the con and some serious talk to convince those around me that I should go to see this convention and help out the SoS (Legend of teh Seeker table). A drive to the George R Brown covention center in Houston,TX I wasn't sure what to expect because I really hadn't been to a local con that wasn't Anime.Going in early to get my badge I walked around until the con floor open and just exploded the convention center. I hadn't looked around since the midnight walks back during Oni-Con years ago. Convention opened I headed to the Seekers table to meet some great people and advertise to con goers to help bring the show back. During free time I walked around and discovered the great amount of fan tables that existed that I didn't know about besides the Houston Harry Potter group i was friends with. I was happy to see the Brony table on it's first appearance the great amount of panles set for them as well. A spot of Quidditch was enjoyable but Comicplooza gave the weekend to Bronies as i went to the panels everyday and almost every few hours. Comicplooza was fun and was a good intro for con goers but it felt strange to have a con that was not a 24 hour con so heading home at 10pm felt strange. Overall a good con and made new friends as Comicplooza widen my range in fandom.

Finally, the confernce that was planned had finally come and it felt strange at first to travel out of state without my family or best friends while driving with the gals from the Houston Harry Potter meet up.The first hour of traveling I realized that after a few Harry Potter jokes that this is where I belonged with those who enjoyed the fine details of HP just like me.Fast drive and a shopping spree of HP shirts at a gas station later we arrived to Florida. It was afternoon and rooming with meetup head mistress the room was fun to play around even though the fun wouldn't begin until the memebers of the New York meet up would arrive the next day. So on a free day before con, what should I do? Go to Universal! I went to Island of Adventure to visit the Wizarding World and the New changes in the Spiderman ride. After park fun and jumping in the pool to meet some of the convention goers it was a good start to Ascendio in Orlando,FL. Waking up early to get early in line for my badge because I happen to have some panels to host at the first of the convention. The intense detail to the HP world and a splash of StarKid this was the first con in a while that was like a family. Everyone worked together and everyone ran then convention itself as those showed such kind wizarding spirit of all ages.Night of a Thousand wizards 2 was a blast and consuming heavy amounts of butterbeer to the point of sickness this after hour event seem like a wizarding ocktober fest for wizards as we all drank and dance. Taking pics and find the miracle plug to charge our phones as cosplayers have a amazing time taking pictures inside the castle. Walking the castle I enjoyed and yet scared because the line was empty and no one was around as I was walking. Then I started to hear talking as a small group started to get closer and taking a glance back became the funniest and happiest moment ever.....

StarKid ApocalypTour 2012

Posted by Besthpfan on May 20, 2012 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)

This was some of the funniest stuff I had seen in a long time. Starkid put together something amazing that was a cross between a new musical but with all the same music from all of the same musicals together. Combine the end of the world and Jim in a skirt is a combination of amazing! Joey Richter walks out of the tent in his cute blue bowie and each come after in a unique character that each of them created for themselves. Throughout the concert you realize the array of music and musical that they have created because it's impossible to cover all of them. I loved that they took a stab at Little White Lies for those who hadn't heard of it before or had heard of it. My two favorite songs was the new spin of the song "guys like potter" in a barber quartet style which I really want recorded to hear again. Second is one I personal love because Sweet Tooth is my favorite character and Joey is my favorite starkid. What did they do? Have Joey sing Sweet Tooth's part in "Rogue" which made me faint in excitment. Parts are to funny, and some just strange, some things are easter eggs to twitter followers, and some make you wonder about. Overall, a must see for everyone!

Dial Up Tour

Posted by Besthpfan on February 11, 2012 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Wow, this is a late review from me about the Dial Up Tour with Nanalew, MeekaKitty, LiveLavaLive, JasonMundayMusic, Alex Carpenter, and Olan Rogers. I was set with the goal to see Jason and Alex because I loved their music along with MeekaKitty. I wasn't prepared for a concert that was more of a circus of internet entertainment that made me laugh. Olan Rogers started off with comedy which was really REALLY funny, which gave me the great interest to follow him on youtube now. MeekaKitty and Nanalew duo was hilarious and so unexpected even though I had seen some of their youtube. If someone who was prepared to go SILLY would have thought they didn't walk into the House of Blues. It's like a feel of "Who let THEM in" and brought a crowd with them? Love it. LiveLaveLive came right after with a slideshow presentation which was funny to laugh that much of this concert involved no music really. It was funny and being the last stop on their tour made it even more emotional to everyone that at the end I was hunging Kyle(livelavalive) in a proud moment for him in a life on youtube. This concert showed the inernet age(lol that was Alex and Jason's song) had evolved that people could live off online entertainment that was free for people to watch. At the end was Jason and Alex, who I wanted to see perform from their Dial Up Album and wanted the best ending ever. The problem was the rudness from the crowd of people who didn't know who they were or just came for livelavalive. They left during the first song and it just upset me that people from our own city could be so unpolite. Trying to excite the crowd I tried to pump up the crowd with the other girls who loved their music too. Instead I got annoyed at the girl standing front and center of the stage was texting her friends instead and gave me dirty looks BECAUSE I was cheering for Alex and Jason. Overall was a amazing concert with laughter and cheer but at the end, I wish people would explore new entertainment just like I had done that night.

Vlog (Green) Brothers

Posted by Besthpfan on January 31, 2012 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

dadadah....There are certain things that you can never change such as a song that has been connected to a moment in life. Going to the Nerdfighters event with John and Hank Green was something that changes how we accept ourselves. How "Nerfighteria" tries to make less "suck" in the world. Going to this for John Green's new book "The Fault in Our Stars" was something like no other book signing. Hand it to youtubers to put on a show as John read inserts from his book while Hank sang songs that only nerds could follow along. Walking in with the variations of Doctor Who shirts showed how many people were fans from youtube verses those who just knew about the author named "John." Very deep thoughts we answers and being in a crowd like this seemed like you would GAIN brain cells rather then loss with this group. It was amazing and I would love for the Vlogbrothers to visit on tour again.

Challenge- 1st Clue to enter BETA Pottermore

Posted by Besthpfan on July 31, 2011 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (0)

The most stressful thing to ever happen to the Harry Potter fandom is the wait for the invisible timing for a clue to get a chance to be in the BETA Pottermore. Not truly knowing what time it was coming but LeakyCon's clue (that the world found out anyway) was that it was from the HP1 book chapter: Diagon Alley. The Pottermore blog gave a example of answer saying it would be something like So that gave us another clue that it was going to be a number and that we might have to do math. So looking through EVERY number in Diagon Alley Chapter (which made out to look like this chapter had nothing BUT numbers in it) we marked what possibly what could be the answer. Waiting, reading, talking, waiting, refreshing the page, waiting, joking around, waiting, screaming at the computer, waiting, and waited for the page to change. Each hour seem to lose it's excitement that some people went to take a nap but around 2:56 central time it was on! The clue was so quick the read that I can't even remember the exact question. I can remember shouting, how many owls on the sign? for the owl emporium? 5 owls, then it said times by 49=245! So the link was

Shouting to get on, making phone calls to wake everyone up I one handedly typed the link in. First was a...Sony logo? On Sony you had to catch the RIGHT quill, the quill that wasn't regular quill, glowing, and loved like the quill we were shown all night. Click it and it would say you got the right quill, and to begin you journey! Clicking it would take you to the registration site. Name, Birth, Country, and Email. It surprising asked if you had read and watch the movies yet and click the ones you did. The you got to choose between four wizarding names to be your username, which were a mix of words in hp world like quill, erised, cloak, pixie, and such. Afterward was the email wait to activitate your accountant and after logging out and back in, you got a congrats that you were officially on BETA!!!!!!! Exciting, tiring, and insane to say the least but I'm in with some others but still other didn't get in. So, have to wait for round 2.

Round 2-chamber of secrets clue.

Discover-Siriusly Pottermore Podcast

Posted by Besthpfan on July 30, 2011 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (0)

A new Podcast which is coming soon is SiriuslyPottermoreCast or SPC for short which is going to come online soon! I was asked to join in the idea and group to record everything Pottermore and looks like will have some awesome material coming out soon! It's tying into the news of the clue for the first day of beta pottermore chances for fans to get in. A group that starts from 2 to 14(plus chatroom of 10 people) by the time the first clue comes out at 2:56 central time. The reading, shouting, the rereading of the first book, and opinions about pottermore. A group journey through pottermore in a podcast that will continue in each episode. You should listen!

Review-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2- 3rd time

Posted by Besthpfan on July 29, 2011 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Watching the Movie again seems like ....Why? This movie is the kind that, as many times as you see it and knows it will never change, it's always different. The details seem to start popping out more and maybe things that make you laugh behind the scenes. Things I learned this time but not in order are, Lesson 1: Harry nevers learn to never to put your wand down. When Harry runs into the Boat house to help dying Snape's bleeding,Harry just automaticly drops his wand on the ground. Almost like a mind flash of young Harry from Chamber of Secrets dropping his wand,which was a big mistake, because Tom Riddle grabbed it. Hasn't Harry learned anything? Lesson 2: There ARE old people in the Deatheaters group because I wanted to laugh at the white hair lady in black clothing behind Voldemort in Harry's fake death scene because ever age joined Voldemort's group even though Voldemort judged Neville's join the group(which wasn't Nevillle plans, of course). Lesson 3: Props from the movie did officially make it into the Wizarding World park. The room of requirements is where EVERYTHING went to the park. If you start paying attention to the items around you, you start to notice the Slytherin statue(I think he is....he had no staute label at the park) at the corner of a turn when they first enter. Then you see a Boar that LOOKS like the head boar to the entrance to the Hogwarts castle (or could be the same used in Movie 2). The frames could easily be not in the park and things around look like it headed for the park after filming. There are items though that looked like from the past movies that made me really sad if it really broke or not, like Trelwaney's teacups on a table that Goyle(I think it was him..must watch again) hits them and not sure but it looked like it was about to fall over when they were running. Also one of the frames looks EXACTLY like the mirror of erised frame when Harry is talking to Draco. So much detail to the room of requirements makes it worth watching it a million on times in theater. Lesson 4: Ron Weasley is the only one who knows how to get back into the Chamber of Secrets. Harry never understood parseltongue or the sounds of it. Now that he's seperated from Voldemort he won't be able to get in.So, Ron is the only one who can open it and sucessfully get in without having parseltongue. One to tell his kids? Lesson 5: Which really isn't anything new but...Voldemort hugs Draco. the end.

Harry Potter hasn't left my tv for days. odd...

Posted by Besthpfan on July 9, 2010 at 7:52 PM Comments comments (0)

I'm at my last few days before I leave for Infinitus and work has me pulling a lot of hours. Luckily I was off today because I realized I had a lot more to do for packing and getting ready then I thought. I have to back for both Florida and for California when I get back. It seems like a Harry Potter pre-party in our the Harry Potter fans lives before heading to the wizarding world of harry potter. ABC family has a whole weekend of Harry Potter on TV and then HPFTW. Then it's the start of my trip to Florida for Harry Potter park and Infinitus which I can't believe it's here!

I'm not sure when I'll be back to post but I'll post my experience at WwoHP, Infinitus, and San Diego ComicCon.

Now back to packing, relaxing, and dreams come true...I'm not talking about disneyworld.

Florida is coming and my suitcase doesn't close

Posted by Besthpfan on July 6, 2010 at 1:11 AM Comments comments (0)

This last week is a little boring for some reason...not sure why. I'm super smoked about going to Florida, WwoHP, and Infinitus but I, for some reason feel like  this trip is weeks away.

 I'm just waiting for the moment where I will snap and realize where I am going. It might be going to the Air Port or right when I walk through Hogsmeade. Not sure when I realized that this has been my dream.

I still laugh at the thought that if I told my eleven year old self about this trip, I would think my future self was nuts(not that the fact that a future self is talking to past self).

I bought some new shoes to wear for the trip but I'm wearing them everyday to break them in. I can't wait!!!

Until next post...I'll talk more interesting then my boring self right now.